Recently there have been many news reports of the government looking to change the rules regarding summer born children.

This suggested ruling will be that children born in the summer months could have their school year deferred, to allow for children to fully develop. This is good news for some children who were born very late in the school year and will be expected to achieve the same academic grade as other children born earlier. However, what is a summer born baby and are we setting them up to fail with low expectations?

I am considered to be a summer born baby and I am sure that while at school I did not achieve as much as both myself or my parents had hoped. Although, now as an adult and looking back was this a disadvantage or did the high expectations allow me to achieve as much as I have? Despite being a summer child: by the time I entered secondary school I was as capable as my peers and achieved the desired GCSE results, going on to college and then university.

So, I return to the question – what is a summer born child? In the news today it talks about children being summer born from April to August; this is surely too much! When does the summer start? A child learns a lot in 6 months and should be capable of achieving the same as a January baby.

I return to my previous comments, children are individuals with their own growth and develop; their own backgrounds and their own needs. Personally only the parents, family and school should have the right to decide if a child should be ‘held back a year’ not politicians and I doubt parents will want to hold their child back, as suggested by the Telegraph article, just so they can gain access to so called ‘better schools’. I hope that the decision is left with the families of our next generation and we all do the best to support their learning and growth.


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