For those of you who read my Education in 2020 you will now know that we are a long way from the plan, but this year has shown that education can be delivered in many ways: at home, at school and online. Yet the core values of education: individual progress, good grounding and the love of learning should always be at the heart of what you do. That has always been our belief, and always will be, something we love to share with our learning community.

Firstly, looking back, most of the key events did not occur, and those that did looked very different to normal. Even the world of tuition looks very different today.

As a company, Growing Young Minds has been online for most of the past year; the success of this was thanks to our fabulous families and teachers who embraced the changes and adapted to ensure we could continue to deliver the best education for children in our community. This month we will return to face to face teaching; therefore, now is the time to reflect on what that will be like.


This year, parents have turned to tuition as a means of supplementing their own home schooling and we have been proud to help so many children and parents’ navigate this tricky period. Parents sometimes worry about group lessons, often feeling that the children, in the group, will not be the same ability or that the learning is not bespoke enough for their child’s needs. For us this is not the case, we are proud to place children into groups that work for everyone. Plus, they are small enough that the teacher can develop learning which is both bespoke and child centred – our focus is your child’s education.

G.Y.Ms core values:

  • We continuously provide a fun and dynamic learning environment which provides the perfect place for each child to develop and make progress.
  • Using our qualified teachers’ knowledge and expertise we are able to provide an expert service to achieve the best results.
  • Providing a bespoke learning environment which nurtures the develop of each child.
  • Celebrate a team learning environment which challenges and inspires children to achieve their full potential.
  • We continually focus on our united team approach where, the child, parent and G.Y.M work together to aid growth both personally and academically ensuring overall confidence.

Join us – Growing Young Minds


The Year Ahead

2021 has seen SATs and Phonic Screening Checks cancelled. The GCSE and A-level tests have been changed, and pupils will be teacher assessed again. So, what dates do you need to be aware of:

  • Primary School Offers – Friday 16th April 2021
  • GCSE results day – Friday 9th August 2021
  • Sutton Grammar and Wandsworth Test – September 2021 (this date may change)
  • Secondary School Applications – Sunday 31st October 2021 (this date may change)

We hope you have found this information and these dates useful and if Growing Young Minds can offer any assistance through weekly tuition, advice or our Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning Summer Courses, please do contact, Joanne, on 0203 422 6119 or email [email protected].

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