English tutoring in Tooting Mitcham & Earlsfield

English tutoring in Tooting Mitcham & Earlsfield

It’s important that children feel comfortable and confident when it comes to reading, writing and spelling from a young age to help them grow into successful adults. In fact, an understanding of English language and grammar is fundamental for developing the communication skills that are essential in our adult day-to-day lives.

Whether your child needs a Primary school tutor for a little encouragement with the language basics, or you want to give them a head-start when it comes to grammar school testing, English tutoring with Growing Young Minds will ensure they fully understand the main concepts and can apply their knowledge to relevant literacy tasks.

eleven plus, 11+ GYM growing young minds tutoring, south london, tooting, wandsworth test, Joanne Powell

During sessions with your English tutor

your child will learn about:

  • Sentence structuring
  • Spelling patterns
  • Punctuation
  • Understanding word classes (adjectives, nouns, verbs and adverbs)

Once your child is confident with the basics of grammar, the methods of our English tutoring in Mitcham will encourage the application of their news skills in extended writing tasks. This will include both fiction and non-fiction styles of written activities such as short stories, letters, newspaper articles and diary entries.

eleven plus, 11+ GYM growing young minds tutoring, south london, tooting, wandsworth test, Joanne Powell

11 Plus Tutoring

The step from Primary to Secondary school can be overwhelming for some children, but our English Tutoring in Tooting will help your child grow in confidence in their preparation for any 11 plus tests they may have to face.

If your child requires a Sutton Grammar Test tutor to help them achieve the best results they can, our methods will ensure they are up-to-scratch with their English and grammar, have a chance to practise test-style questions and how to use their time to the best of their ability.

Contact Growing Young Minds today, call us on 0203 422 6119 to enquire about our English tutoring and Primary School tutor in Tooting, Mitcham and Earlsfield.

Contact us today

Your child’s education and achievements are very important to us. Whether they want to improve their writing abilities, their spelling, or want feel more confident in Year 6 and would like an English tutor; whatever level your child is at, if they want to advance their English and grammar skills, get in touch today.

At Growing Young Minds, we ensure that all our children get the support and tuition they need whatever challenges they may be facing. English knowledge and understanding has the potential to take your child far in their adult life, and we want them to have the best start possible.

All our English tutors in Tooting, Mitcham and Earlsfield are qualified teachers and DBS checked to make sure your child safely receives the highest quality of teaching using successful techniques that will provide the positive results that you and your child are looking for.

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