English - G.Y.M
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Alongside Spelling/Vocabulary and Verbal Reasoning each session will focus on grammatical skills.


These include:


– Sentence structure


– Spelling patterns


– Punctuation


– Understanding word classes (adjectives, nouns, verbs and adverbs)


At Growing Young Minds we give children the confidence to build on their ideas and then share them in a range of writing styles.


We at G.Y.M believe good readers become talented confident writers. Therefore, we use a range of stories, videos and images to  stimulate writing. In addition, our reading programme also helps children grasp a good knowledge of different types of comprehension questions.


Our lessons are planned by a qualified teacher who always reflects on each child’s need. Thus ensuring rapid progress in their learning and improved confidence. Furthermore, we are not a worksheet based programme.  As a result of using a combination of activities our lessons are engaging and fun, whilst still educational.


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