Frequently asked questions

Are your teachers qualified?

At Growing Young Minds we only use qualified and experienced teachers, all of which have up-to-date DBS checks. We utilise our tutors own strengths and experience to ensure that all children receive a bespoke and dedicated lesson each week.

Why group sessions and how many children are in a group?

At Growing Young Minds we believe in group sessions (4 in our Maths and English and 5 in VR/NVR). There has been numerous research projects undertaken and the benefits of group learning are clear. Some of the reasons include:


• Pupils who learn in groups are more motivated and enthusiastic about learning.
• Builds children’s self-esteem.
• Learning in a group contributes to creativity. In a group there are students with different personality characteristics and this variety will bring diversity of ideas.
• Lack of reliance on an adult teaches children to be more independent in their learning.
• Pupils learn how to support each other, overcome shyness and discover leadership qualities in themselves.
• It allows us to play games and have fun whilst still making exceptional progress.

How are we different from other group tuition?

We like to think of ourselves as offering a private school approach with really small class sizes.


  • Growing Young Minds has a maximum of four children per group.
  • The children are all of the same age and studying the same subject area, we directly teach the children as if they are in school but in a very small group.
  • We segment the lessons so that the learning is rapid, interactive and always on task.
  • We combine games, team work and written tasks to engage each learner.
  • We are not a worksheet based system and provide reactionary support, changing and tailoring the lessons to suit each child’s needs and abilities.
  • We provide biannual reports and parents’ meetings
How do we prepare children for the 11+?

Over the years Growing Young Minds has supported children who are looking to take the 11+, during this time we have used our experience and expertise to develop a successful programme which combines test experience with high quality teaching. As we teach each group separately the tutor will ensure that the lessons are tailored to suit your child’s strengths and areas for development, covering the curriculum needed to ensure they are confident when taking the 11+ exam.

How do we prepare children for the Wandsworth Test?

At Growing Young Minds we provide a specific Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning lesson that will help all children prepare for the Wandsworth test. We focus on all elements in the GL assessment used by Wandsworth, providing children with the confidence and understanding on how to answer each question type.

We also run a successful revision course during the summer holidays. This is a fun and a fast paced course that will help deal with any last minute misconceptions and provide lots of opportunities for test practice.

Where and when do the lessons take place?

Our lessons take place in three venues, Colliers Wood Library, Tooting (5 minutes walk from the Overground station) and Earlsfield (close to the station). We provide lessons between 4pm – 7pm daily and have some lessons on a Saturday morning.

How do we monitor progress?

As each tutor is an experienced teacher we monitor the progress of each lesson, adjusting the lessons and future planning to ensure that we meet all the children’s needs. G.Y.M tutors also highlight the curriculum expectations to ensure that they are covering and extending children through the National Curriculum. We believe in regular formal assessments that allows us to monitor progress but also allows us to highlight gaps in the children’s learning, thus aiding our future planning.

We offer parent meetings twice a year so that you have an opportunity to speak to your child’s teacher plus receive a report on their progress.

How much does tuition cost?

Our English, Maths and Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning sessions are £30 per lesson or £120 each month per subject area.

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