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 At Growing Young Minds we are experienced and qualified teachers with full DBS checks. At G.Y.M we believe that we are always learning and this is no different for our teaching team, we are one family learning and sharing ideas with each other to ensure that we provide the best quality education for all.

What Growing Young Minds Offer

  • Established small groups of 4 children of the same age and studying the same subject.
  • All sessions are teacher, rather than worksheet, led; enabling you to personally make an impact in each lesson.
  • Supportive manager, who is also an experienced teacher and has built up the company from conception.
  • Lessons will be held at our base in Colliers Wood, Earlsfield or Tooting, so no need to travel from lesson to lesson.
  • A competitive hourly salary.

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I feel very supported, which is a great credit to G.Y.M and it’s ethos.

Teacher at G.Y.M

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Our Tutors

Alongside Founder Joanne Powell, Growing Young Minds has many further experienced tutors, all of which are qualified teachers with DBS checks.

Joanne Powell

Hi, my name is Joanne Powell and I am the Founder of a successful tutoring company – Growing Young Minds, which has a number of locations in South London, including: Colliers Wood, Earlsfield and Tooting.

I am an exemplary Primary School Teacher, with a BA degree in Primary Education. Becoming a teacher was always my ambition, and I am proud to have over ten years experience in both Key Stage 1 and 2. I am extremely passionate about lifelong learning, with a strong belief that everyone has the ability to reach their full potential. Furthermore, it has always been a personal ambition of mine to try to help to prepare children for the ‘real world’. Truly believing that the activities and tasks used by Growing Young Minds are vital to link their learnings with real life experiences. I believe that G.Y.M can teach these at a personal level, which is sometimes not always achievable during their school attendance. Personally and professionally, I have faith that if your child is given the opportunity to attend G.Y.M sessions they can achieveing their goals.

Growing Young Minds Joanne Powell
Growing Young Minds Oana Tutor


Hi, my name is Oana. I am a fully qualified teacher and tutor at Growing Young Minds.

Alongside being a qualified teacher, I have a BA degree in both English and French Language and Literature. I am a passionate and enthusiastic teacher having taught abroad for three years and in the UK for the last six. I have experience in tutoring children in Maths across Key Stages 1, 2 and 3; English in both Key Stage 1 and 2; as well as Verbal/Non-Verbal Reasoning which prepares children for the Wandsworth Test.

My teaching style is friendly and approachable with strong subject knowledge. This allows me to help my pupils achieve excellent results whilst making the sessions enjoyable. Over the past four years I have provided tuition for both primary and secondary school pupils and I am extremely proud of every single one of them. My pupils work extremely hard and each week they demonstrated a determination to succeed. This hard work has paid off as they have secured places in outstanding secondary schools such as Wilson, Wallington County Grammar and Graveney.

I look forward to supporting and challenging more children to become successful in their next academic steps.

Growing Young Minds Tutor Qasim


Hello, my name is Qasim. I am a qualified Maths teacher in a local secondary school and have been tutoring for a several years, both one-to-one and in groups. I gained a BSc in Mathematics from the University of Bristol before qualifying as a teacher. Throughout my years in school, I have worked with students with a wide range of abilities. As such, I always ensure my students can access the learning required to ensure they are constantly engaged, and this maximises their progress.


To prepare effective lessons, I need to ensure that my own knowledge is thorough and complete, as successful teaching requires a high degree of understanding of a topic. I provide intensive exam preparations and my pupils have frequently achieved top grades. All lessons are tailored to the needs of the students; ensuring they have the essential knowledge to access the learning as well as guaranteeing they are being supported, stretched, and challenged to further enhance their education.

Growing Young Minds Tutor Sabrina


Hi, My name is Sabrina and I have been teaching and working with children in the education sector for over fifteen years and I absolutely love it.

After gaining my English Language and Literature BA (Hons) degree in 2015, I delved straight into teaching KS1 and KS2 through working in an outstanding school which allowed me to further develop my skills and understanding in some of the key areas and challenges that vulnerable young people and children may face throughout their learning experience.

I thoroughly enjoy making a huge difference in the lives of young people as every child is different therefore my long-term experience of working with children of diverse cultures and the ability of quickly building a rapport between child and parent is a skill that I very much take pride in. I believe children work best when they are encouraged, praised and confident in their ability to explore different ways in learning. I have a very holistic approach to supporting pupils which gives me the opportunity to provide a solid and safe environment when working with children.

I have also learned skills in how to support the needs of disengaged young people and those with emotional, and behavioural needs.  Which allows my teaching style to be friendly fun and engaging making sure that pupils feel secure and respected in their learning and prioritising their individual learning needs to enhance their growth.

As a passionate, enthusiastic and positive worker, I have found fulfilment in engaging pupils to become skilled & motivated lifelong learners and being part of the G.Y.M teaching team has given me the ability to continue supporting pupils to become successful in their academic journey.


Hi, my name is Rose, and I am a teacher at Growing Young Minds. After graduating from Cardiff University with a degree in Biology, I qualified as a Primary Teacher through the Teach First programme. Since then, I have moved to London where I now balance supply teaching, across both KS1 and KS2, and tutoring throughout the week.

The lessons I create are tailored to the needs of the children that I teach; I strive to plan lessons that are fun and enjoyable, whilst also establishing a level of challenge that stretches the child’s learning. It is important to me to create a safe and happy learning environment as I believe it creates confident learners who have autonomy over their own learning and are not afraid to ask questions.


Hi I’m Shomrat. I don’t go to the gym, but I do go to G.Y.M!

At Growing Young Minds, I am given the opportunity to fully utilise my primary teaching skills to help my pupils achieve their potential and therefore progress both academically and personally.

My tutoring technique is a blend of building a strong rapport with the children, showing patience, giving plenty of encouragement and having a holistic approach – knowing that what the children learn here, with me, is a supplement to their schoolwork as well as giving them a platform to relate their learning to the real world. I believe that through this approach, their experiences develop, and their minds grow.

I have built up my experience through working at primary, secondary and language centres whereby I have worked with children (and adults) from vastly diverse backgrounds and demographics. These invaluable experiences have enabled me to grasp an understanding of different learning styles and allowed me to adapt my teaching in order to consolidate each individual learner.


Hi, my name is Naimee and I am a teacher at Growing Young Minds.

Currently, I am also a Special Educational Needs teacher in an Autism school in London. I graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a degree in Psychology before going on to complete my teacher training at the University of Birmingham where I obtained a PGCE in Primary SEND.

Despite specialising in SEN I have experience in teaching a range of students of different ages in both mainstream and specialist settings. I am extremely passionate about adapting and personalising learning to best support the individual student and their development.

During my tutoring sessions I strive to create a warm, safe and positive learning environment, in which students feel comfortable and confident in sharing their ideas, asking questions and challenging themselves.

I am very excited to be a part of G.Y.M and am driven by the ethos that centres around cultivating a love of learning.


Hello, my name is Maria I have a degree in English Language and Literature from the University of East London. Later I went onto complete teacher training and have worked as a teacher in wide variety of educational fields, from mainstream schools as a classroom teacher, to further education, an ESOL lecturer, and online and face to face tuition lessons.

I have taught many pupils of different ages, but my specialisation is KS3 and KS4 English.

I believe in an adaptive learning environment which supports and challenges pupils to love the curriculum and thrive in their learning. I look forward to working with the children at Growing Young Minds allowing them to reach their full potential.


Hello, my name is Anita.  I have over 18 years experience as a primary school teacher and I have a passion and enthusiasm for teaching children. Over the years I have taught many different year groups and have lots of experience teaching both English and Maths. I love understanding what children are interested in and what they find challenging, then being able to help them to  progress by explaining concepts in new ways that resonate with them.

As a senior teacher and Maths leader I know that some children find learning challenging and I want to help them see that Maths and English can be fun. Being able to make connections and watching children enjoy their learning is what I relish the most. Therefore, to allow me to make lessons fun and effective I adapt my teaching to the individual learning style of the child, which helps them to comprehend the subject and enhances development in their knowledge.

The Growing Young Minds method of keeping the child at the centre of learning is fundamental to helping a child succeed and I look forward to supporting more children by helping them to improve their understanding and, best of all, enjoy what they are learning.


Hi, my name is Rameeza and I have been working as a primary teacher for seven years. Currently, I am working at a local primary school as a Class Teacher, as well as Lead in Geography, Modern Foreign Languages and Maths Mastery Lead. I was born and brought up in Germany where I completed most of my education. Teaching was something I always wanted to pursue, so I completed my BA HONS in Primary Education with QTS at Kingston University, achieving a First-Class Degree.

Being a native German speaker with Urdu as my mother tongue, four years’ experience with French and two years of Spanish demonstrates my love for language learning and enhances my ability to communicate with children from different backgrounds.

I have a very broad range of primary teaching experience and have been involved in teaching children of all years within the primary range. My lesson delivery is based on the pedagogical philosophy of taking a hands-on and enthusiastic approach to teaching and creating a learning environment characterised by empathy and, above all, the inclusion of all pupils.

Every pupil has their own unique way of learning, which is why I make sure that I identify their personal learning style and employ techniques that fit their individual learning style.


Hi, my name is Matthew but only my mother calls me that. To everyone else I’m just Matt.

I’ve been a qualified teacher for 3 years and have worked in education and childcare for 10 years. I followed my passion for working with children starting out as an apprentice nursery nurse and eventually progressed to study for a degree in Early years education at the University of Greenwich. Shortly after that I studied a PGCE and trained to become a teacher at the University of Bedfordshire

I have taught in a range of schools in the inner-city suburbs of London. To the leafy green countryside’s of Hertfordshire and Surrey. No matter where I work there is one thing that is always constant – how much I enjoy teaching children to learn new skills.

I have a laid back and relaxed approach to learning. I’ve always believed that learning should be fun and not feel like a chore and the core of my teaching is rooted in building safe and respectful relationships with children in which they trust my judgment and teaching.

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