Home Educating

Home Educating

Growing Young Minds believes everyone has a right to a great education. This is provided in many guises and learning at home is just one of them. G.Y.M Home Learning’s mission is to support families that choose to home school, by providing them with topic-based learning opportunities and ideas.

G.Y.M Home Learning have created fun and original Topic Maps which are a great way to ignite and nurture children’s interests in one easy to use document. Each Map provides a range of activities and ideas to support your teaching and inspire learning in an interesting and easy to use format. Let us help your child’s home education journey flourish.

Topic Maps

G.Y.M Home Learning Topic Maps are a great tool to inspire your child’s Home Education journey. Our Topic Maps have been designed by qualified and experienced teachers, and focus on core skills of the National Curriculum, incorporating English, Maths, Science, History/Geography and Art/Design and are tailored to specific age groups (Primary and Secondary).

Each ‘G.Y.M Home Learning Topic Map’ is a two page PDF, which is designed as a teaching tool and focusses around one core theme which will inspire, challenge, and engage every child. The first page provides background knowledge and discussion questions with the second providing a pleather of ideas to support learning.

Importantly, our maps have no right or wrong way to use them allowing your child to select and connect activities to follow their own interests, enthusiasm, and capability. Some link naturally to many areas of the curriculum and can provide a whole days’ worth of learning, whilst others are one-off lessons and investigations which are ideal for single hours of work.


Our Topic Maps are a perfect guide to many fun hours of home learning – together enjoy choosing which Topic Map you will do next!

G.Y.M Home Learning group

For more resources to use at home follow our Home Schooling group, G.Y.M Home Learning.

“These topic maps are brilliant because they make teaching your children so much easier”

Sarah Appleton

Happy Customer

The Topics

  • Australia
  • China
  • Gingerbread
  • Trapped in a Museum or Zoo
  • Space
  • Volcanoes
  • World War One
  • Romans
  • Japan

More Topics will be added soon.


What does a Topic map contain?

Each Topic Map is a two page PDF, designed as a teaching tool and focusses around one core theme.

What is the cost?

Each Topic Map costs £3.60 and is emailed directly to you.


How to order

Order via our Esty Store


  1. Fill in the form below indicating the age group and Topic map(s) required.
  2. We will send you a payment link.
  3. Once paid the Topic map PDFs will be emailed to you directly.

Order your Topic Maps

Primary Topic Maps

Secondary Topic Maps

Home Educating

Children are home educated for a number of different reasons, even if you do not wish for your child to be in formal education; at times additional and professional support would benefit them.

Growing Young Minds offer that additional support to home schooled pupils, focusing on the National Curriculum requirements and supplementing the work undertaken at home. These lessons take place from 4pm, weekdays and are a great way for them to come together with other children of the same age in a fun learning environment.

To find out more about how we can help your child during their home educating journey -please contact us.

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