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Maths Tutoring in Tooting and Earlsfield

Maths is the foundation of how we understand the world, so it is fundamental to make our children as comfortable and confident in it as possible from a young age. Numerical reasoning, counting, subtracting, and dividing are all so important to day to day adult functions, so give your children the extra leg-up they need with maths tutoring in Tooting and Earlsfield with Growing Young Minds.


Our children’s maths lessons are designed to be easy to follow and engaging so we can gradually challenge your child with maths problems. The lessons are always planned and taught by a qualified teacher, so the correct syllabus will always be adhered to.

During each session with your maths tutor, your child will learn about:

  • Numbers (place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division)
  • Fractions, percentages, decimals, and ratios
  • Shapes and angles
  • Measurements including time and distance
  • Problem solving and basic logic solutions


We create plenty of problem-solving scenarios so your child can practice their new skills in real life situations. We help them translate all of their learning into practical uses and logical solutions, making maths feel more real and engaging. Our maths tutors are skilled at making maths fun, helping your children to internalise everything they’re learning so they can eventually use it in their teenage and adult life.

Preparation For the 11+ (Eleven Plus) Exams

Our tutors also help to prepare your child for undertaking the 11+ exam.

We help your child prepare not only academically with practice and tutoring, but also through familiarising them with test papers and the question styles.

This helps them to fully understand what is being asked of them and how to make the best use of their time when answering them.


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At Growing Young Mind, we treat each child as the budding young individual they are, developing their understanding and academic confidence. We’ll support and challenge your child when they’re ready so that their mind is always working towards solving the next sum and grasping the next concept.

Our maths tutors are of course all qualified teachers and DBS checked to ensure only the highest quality of teaching and peace of mind for you and your family. We want to help build your child’s academic confidence the key subject area of maths.