Maths - G.Y.M
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Alongside the recall of mental maths and Non-Verbal Reasoning each session will involve the learning of mathematical skills. These include:

– Number (place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)


– Fractions/Percentages/Decimals/Ratio


– Shape


– Measures, including time


Each week, and with each new skill, Growing Young Minds will:

– Build your child’s speed and accuracy


– Allow them to gain confidence in mathematics


– Apply their newly acquired skills to problem solving


The principle view at Growing Young Minds is for all children to use their mathematical skills and confidence. Importantly, not just in repetitive questions but in real life scenarios. Additionally, this belief is united with the National Curriculum 2015. This states Maths should form the foundation to understanding the world and the ability to reason mathematically.


Our lessons are planned by a qualified teacher who always reflects on each child’s need. Thus ensuring rapid progress in their learning and improved confidence. Furthermore, we are not a worksheet based programme.  As a result of using a combination of activities our lessons are engaging and fun, whilst still educational.


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