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Growing Young Minds Policies

Privacy Policy

Growing Young Minds respects your privacy, we only collect data that can help us provide a good service to our customers and we do not hold on to your data any longer than two years after you child has left tuition.



What data do we collect?


  • Name (both of you and your child)
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Any allergies or medical conditions

Why do we collect this data and who do you share it with?


Growing Young Minds collects the data so that we can contact you and share information with you about your child. We collect this data to ensure that your child is in the correct group and that you are made aware of other services that Growing Young Minds provides for children of your child’s age.  We do not share your data with any other companies unless permission has been given beforehand. At times, Growing Young Minds works with other companies to offer extended services; your data may be used to inform you of these joint ventures.

 Where is my data kept and for how long?


Essential information such as first names, phone numbers and email address are kept in the office on a high shelf away from non-authorised personnel. Contracts and information forms on your child are kept as paper copies in a secure location away from the main office. No personal details other than your child’s first name are kept on computer or cloud storage system, such as notes on your child’s progress. Growing Young Minds will only keep data for two years once your child has left our tuition; at which point all information will be shredded.  We do not share or transfer any data internationally.

This policy comes into effect as of the 25th May 2018, Growing Young Minds reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time.