As a parent do you always feel like you are saying no, not now or just ask me later? Well you are not alone. Yet one parent decided to only say yes to every request for a week. This experiment was a brave choice in my opinion. Not only because you never know what your children might ask, but because if  they are in the habit of hearing you say yes, then they always expect it. As a teacher I can usually tell the parents who always  say yes, as often their children do not wait their turn or expected to get what they want. However, as a parent I can see why saying yes can be a kind and liberating decision.


The case study

This parent decided to say yes for a week. Personally I believe that as her children were older; used to rules and knew this was a week’s experiment, their requests and expectations were slightly muted. Irrespective of my opinion, I still believe that this article is an interesting read.  It defiantly highlights an idea that might teach us all a little more about what our children truly want from us.

Families online article


Would you give it ago?

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