School Tutoring

School Tutoring

Growing Young Minds is a dedicated 1:1 and small group tuition service which provides targeted, in school, provision to all children – whether they simply need a little boost or are already gifted and in need of a challenge.

We are already successfully working with local schools offering tuition in reading, writing and maths; each lesson is structured to suit the needs and time frame of the children and school.

During this time we work closely with individuals or small groups of children to actively deal with any misconceptions and develop their learning from grass roots up.

School tutoring

Growing Young Minds really does understand that a school budget is an ongoing constraint. Therefore, we offer tuition priced at an hourly rate, with no minimum number of hours, which means that you only pay for the hours agreed and you no longer need to fund either a half or whole day supply cover or on-call costs for staff.

Growing Young Minds are proud to support the school to aid each child to reach their full potential.

We offer

– Dedicated and experienced qualified teachers.

– Targeted observations and lessons which break down misconception, rebuilding a child’s skills from their individual starting point.

– Written plans and reports on each child/group.

– Engaging and varied activities to grab the children’s attention and develop them through their own learning style.

– Hourly pricing, no minimum number of hours.

– Lessons length to suit the schools times and needs.