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Dyslexia and Dyscalculia Screening Tests

As a child my parents became incredibly frustrated that I was a smart child who found learning difficult. They spoke to the school but they were not interested in discovering why I was having problems or what they could do to help me, so I struggled on. At college it was suggested that I may have Dyslexia and at 18 I was finally assessed and diagnosed. Support was then put in place to help me achieve my teaching degree. However, to get to that point I had struggled and worked harder than most of my classmates to achieve the same thing. I believe this is partly why I became a teacher, to help and support others. Ensuring that I  give them the opportunities that I did not have at an early age.

After over a decade of teaching I can honestly say that staff are more aware of these conditions and are willing to help children that find learning difficult. Although, sadly budgets and the number of children who need additional help in school means that some children are still not being diagnosed. This is why Growing Young Minds is now offering screening tests for Dyslexia and Dyscalculia.

What is the test?

Each test lasts about an hour and assesses the child in a number of areas around Literacy and Maths. These identify your child’s ability, complete a diagnostic check and assess their attainment. A full report will then be produced and reviewed with you.

The report will highlight if your child has no signs of, a few signs of, mild, moderate or severe Dyslexia/Dyscalculia. Following the session the report is yours to keep and can be shown to your child’s class teacher or SENCO. This is a great first step to investigating any areas of concern which can then empower you to seek further support if needed.

How will this help my child?

Many parents have natural concerns around their child’s learning; this test allows you to see if there is an underlying condition early on in a safe environment.  If the test shows no signs of Dyslexia/Dyscalculia then this can be ruled out and other avenues considered.  The test will also allow you to see your child’s academic ability and if they are meeting their potential; if not this may indicate that further investigation is needed.

Who is it for and how much will it cost?

The test is designed for children from 5-16 years old and will be set appropriately to their age group.

Each test costs £80, this includes the test, the report and personal time with me reviewing and discussing strategies which could help your child.

How to book?

To find out more about the screening tests or to book please complete the form below, call us on 0203 4226119 or message us on Facebook.

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