Maths & English Tutoring, Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning

At G.Y.M we offer comprehensive tuition in Maths, English and Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning all of which helps children grow in confidence and academic ability. We also have specific programmes that support children who are considering taking the 10/11+ and the Wandsworth Test.

Maths and English Tutoring

Maths and English are the bedrock of our future; a solid understanding now helps children grow into confident and successful adults.
Our Maths and English Tutoring lessons follow similar patterns and help children develop and grow in accuracy, confidence and speed in a number of areas. The lessons are always planned and taught by a qualified teacher who reflects on each child’s needs. Thus ensuring rapid progress in their learning and improving their confidence. Furthermore, we are not a worksheet based programme. As a result of using a combination of activities our lessons are engaging and fun, whilst still educational.

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In Maths alongside the recall of mental maths and Non-Verbal Reasoning each session will involve the learning of mathematical skills. These include:

  • Number (place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)
  • Fractions/Percentages/Decimals/Ratio
  • Shape
  • Measures, including time
  • Applying their newly acquired skills to problem solving

At Growing Young Minds we believe that children should use their mathematical skills and confidence in real life situations and therefore problem solving and using real life situations is key to our planning.

More information on our Maths Tutoring.


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In English, alongside Spelling/Vocabulary and Verbal Reasoning each session will focus on grammatical skills.
These include:

  • Sentence structure
  • Spelling patterns
  • Punctuation
  • Understanding word classes (adjectives, nouns, verbs and adverbs)

Once children are confident with the elements of English grammar we encourage them to use their newly acquired skills in extended writing. We teach children to embed their skills in many types of fiction and non–fiction writing styles which includes letters, stories, arguments, newspaper articles and diaries.

More information on our English Tutoring.

“She pushes you, but it is worth it”


“Since Fidous began her tuition with G.Y.M we have seen a significant improvement in her performance in both English and Maths. She is much better at retaining information she reads and she’s no longer apprehensive at tackling maths problems. We are really pleased with her progress.”


“Since coming to G.Y.M. I would say that both my Mathematical and English achievements have really improved.”

Child, Year 6

Preparing children for the 11+

Some children attend G.Y.M to gain confidence in the classroom; others are here to help them prepare for the 11+ exam.

Here at Growing Young Minds we treat each child as an individual. Those considering the 11+ are supported through our 11+ programme where we not only ensure that they have the curriculum knowledge to be successful in the exam, but also provide regular test practice to ensure that they are test ready, and confident with both the skill and strategies required.

In English, we focus on vocabulary and grammar for both the multiple choice questions, as well as the open writing tasks. Furthermore our comprehension programme helps children fully understand the question styles and how best to answer them in the time allocated. In Maths, we ensure that speed and accuracy of the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are secure. We regularly use problem solving opportunities to ensure that children not only understand the curriculum expectations but can apply them in different ways.

To find out more about our successful 11+ programme contact us today.

Maths & English Tutoring, Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning 11+

Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning

If your child is considering taking the Wandsworth Test or Private School Entrance Exams, then they will need to master the skill of Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, a subject which is actually not taught as part of the National Curriculum in school.

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What are Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning?

Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning tests a child’s logic and ability. They will be required to learn to compare and analyse patterns, vocabulary and numbers.

Verbal Reasoning  there are around 26 question types asking children to compare vocabulary; make connections between both words and numbers; spot patterns and apply relevant rules.

Non-Verbal Reasoning there are around 6 question types, all involving pictures. Children are asked to spot links between each picture, find the odd one out or complete the sequence.

Joanne started helping my daughter just a few weeks before the Wandsworth test, when I realised she was progressing more slowly than her brother had, who had got into Graveney without any tutoring.

My daughter was getting about 30 – 40% in the timed tests, and we had weekly slots with Joanne whom my daughter really loved – she was so kind and really cared as well as being a brilliant teacher. Her accuracy was really improving but her speed didn’t match her ability, so prompted by Joanne we got a psychometric test done which showed she was on the dyslexic / processing speed spectrum – a really important fact to carry forward to secondary school.

We worked hard, encouraged by Joanne who was very motivating, and she ended up in the top band for our local school – amazing! Can’t recommend her enough.


Our lessons

Each lesson is 55 minutes long with no more than 4 children in each group.

We start with the vocabulary which is often seen within the test. This helps children make connections between known and unknown words. It also improves their literacy skills and understanding of spelling patterns.

We then spend alternative weeks reviewing the different areas of Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning. Focusing on the skill of ‘thinking aloud’; as well as quantifying their ideas as to what the answer could be and why. This helps to develop their brains to spot the patterns by looking at small details then eliminating incorrect answers.

Furthermore, we work on exam techniques and develop each child’s speed, accuracy and confidence. With such reasoning tests the number of question possibilities is endless however with our teaching sessions children are confident to tackle any questions that may occur.

Interested in Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning tutoring?

Contact us today to book your child’s place. As spaces on these sessions are very popular, so we are now also offering the opportunity for you to add you child’s name to our waiting list for forthcoming years.

Parent Workshops

Our parent workshops, via zoom, focus on different Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning strategies. Giving parents the confidence to support their children at home.

Each workshop is approximately 20 minutes in length and has a different focus in each session. There is also always an opportunity to ask questions about the topic or entrance tests in general.

Our Workshops are currently not available. We will be back soon.

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